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Lee Epting

Lee Epting

Lee has spent over 30 years focusing on building high performance teams and delivering market-winning technology products/services to the world’s two biggest consumer markets, the US and Western Europe – and to emerging/global markets. She has had P&L responsibility for business units in the world’s largest technology, mobile communications, and mobile phone manufacturing companies: Samsung, Vodafone and Nokia.

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Throughout her career Lee has used the world stage she operates on to spearhead a number of projects focused on ensuring women have access to mobile technology in emerging markets. She led Vodafone’s participation in the establishment of the Connected Women Program.

For the past four years Lee has been focusing her talent on Leadership Coaching and Development for Executives sharing her knowledge and experience of leading high performance teams to deliver projects that go beyond “business as usual.”

Her work experience, from Silicon Valley and onto the world stage of the largest technology companies, as a woman executive, combined with her degree in Strategic Leadership from Oxford, Said Business School, gives her a unique foundation to engage with businesses of all shapes and sizes and pinpoint the pathways to effective leadership.

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