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Urvi Bhandari

Urvi Bhandari

Urvi is a Master Connector, Emotionally Wealthy and a Nomadic personality. She is a 20 year, reformed, Fortune 10 corporate executive. (AT&T, IBM, Coca-Cola, Walmart). The consistent thread in her life is her ability to have an innovative mindset, that creates solutions through collaboration and focuses on the human element, that pushes business forward. Her mindset is driven by her lifestyle as a nomad and seeing multiple ways of thinking on a global scale. Her diverse network and the trusting relationships she has built over the past 20 years, continue to collaborate with her and others to build the future of tomorrow.

Founder & CMO
Peppercorn Ai

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She works with executives and their organizations to guide new market adoption and is a trusted partner to leaders building high growth companies. She has been a culture and impact builder across sales, marketing, operations and chief of staff roles at AT&T, Walmart, IBM, Coca-Cola and Jones Apparel. Urvi is an expert in human behavior who leads teams into future adoption, that are focused on the human element utilizing technology as an engagement tool. As a trusted partner to executives, she builds organizations (people, operations, strategy, budgets) based on future focused trends that dramatically affect the current business state or are necessary to stay successful in the long term. Her codified process for managing organizational transformation is through a focus on employee engagement and providing organizations the tools and frameworks to collaborate and transform business results.

In addition to her Fortune 10 corporate experience, she also advises leaders in substantially funded startups that are beginning to scale. As a founder of, she is an executive coach & executive recruiter for both corporations and startups in Silicon Valley focusing on the human element and cognitive diversity. Through her experience as a startup mentor during her corporate days, she has an acute sense of the benefits of startups and larger corporations collaborating. She utilizes her expansive network to create partnerships between corporations (scale & customers) and startups (technology and nimbleness.) She guides her startup client companies to articulate a culture for their teams, alongside balancing operational excellence for the success of the business's bottom line.

In a time where "innovation" is more than a buzzword, but a way of being, Urvi embodies, the changing paradigms, to drive businesses forward - to be ready for TOMORROW. Even though she "works" all the time her biggest priority and emotional wealth comes from her partner and his two kids, a very large life family (across the world) and her blood family.

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